City Of The Sun

The city of the sun is a vast landscape rising from the banks of the lake, giant walls surround this vast metropolis. The city is built of a light grey stone and lumber in the lower areas and a near white marbleesque stone in the areas of high trade or import such as the tower. As new buildings are made where old once was marble will spring up amongst the lumber every once in a while. The cities size allows for a vast intermingling of species and morals, if you want something it’s likely you’ll find it in this city. The tower rises from the city scape more than thrice the size of any building near it, a beacon of light and hope for the good in these times.


note that class names in [ ] are likely where people of that class would be related to the city although this is just a guide and not a necessity

Name: City Of The Sun, Because its so big its sometimes referred to by residents as ‘COTSworld’.

Population: Up to 100,000

Races: Human, Elven, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Goblin.

Languages: Common, City Swill(lower class), Gentry(upper class).

Government: Patriarchy with nobles sharing the burden of ruler ship in the form of a small council that advises the patriarch.

Defence: A small army of 1000 to 10000[Fighters] depending on the time of year or work environments in the city. Swelling in winter time and decreasing in summer for harvest. Large walls, two concentric circles with multiple gates around the city.

Commerce: Varied, most goods are available for a price or can be purchased in from surrounding cities if you know someone who knows where to find it.

Organisations: Guilds and temples.

Temples[Clerics] to all the major gods of neutral or good intentions of the forgotten realms. One or two very dark hallowed grounds for some of the evil gods[Warlock] are available if you know where to go, not that you’d want to.

The Assassins, Bandits, Deceitful and Thieves Guilds are all of criminal nature[Thieves] and kept a very sharp eye on by the patrician.
The Alchemists[Wizards], Craftsmans, Chefs, Doctors,Humanitarian, Information brokers Merchants and affiliated services , Sorcerers[Sorcerers], Survivors[Rangers] [Barbarians] , Teachers and Virtuoso(art)[Bard] Guilds all have a clean bill of morals and tend to work very efficiently.

Buildings of note(other than the guild house):
- Alabaster lyceum, home of magic in the city that isn’t related to the Alchemists guild.
- The Cove, home of the merchants upon the lake front.
- The Tower, The workplace of the Patrician and his council.

City Of The Sun

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